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The Next Big Update

Started by arlo, August 12, 2015, 08:18:53 PM

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The next big feature releases of Set List Maker and BandHelper are now in beta testing. These apps will gain support for video playback, in-app audio recording, inter-app audio, MIDI over Bluetooth, text annotations, custom smart lists and lots of other goodies, in the second half of September. I'm starting this thread for news and announcements about these releases. Here are some related resources:

  • Demo video: The most-requested features are demonstrated in this video
  • Release notes: Details about every change are now posted in the Set List Maker and BandHelper release notes
  • Smart lists: In the new versions, smart lists will be editable and customizable and you will be able to combine multiple search criteria in a smart list (for example, show all songs colored orange that have been performed fewer than 5 times, sorted by tempo). The original, default smart lists should still appear, but you will be able to delete any that you don't need. If the original smart lists do not appear after updating, please contact me through the Help > Request Tech Support button.
  • MIDI presets: The new versions change the relationship between MIDI presets, MIDI devices and ports. You can now set a port at the MIDI device level rather than at the MIDI port level. This should be easier for anyone setting up MIDI presets for the first time, but might be confusing if you are used to the old way. Please use the Help > Request Tech Support button if you need help with this.
  • iPad 1 support: The release of iOS 9 brings an end-of-life to the iPad 1; click here for details
  • In-app purchases: The new audio and video features will require two new in-app purchases in Set List Maker, but will be included for free in all BandHelper accounts; this would be a good time to switch to BandHelper
  • Auto-updating: If you rely on these apps for your performances, you should not allow your devices to auto-update to the new versions; this forum post has additional recommendations

I've mainly been talking about the iOS apps, because it is their turn for a big update, but I plan to release Android versions of Set List Maker and BandHelper at the same time, with most of the same new features. The video, advanced audio and Bluetooth features will not be included. You can read the Android release notes here: Set List Maker and BandHelper


That's really good news! I've been hoping for the video option for years. I assume it will allow you to attach a video file in the same way as you can include a recording and that can be output to a projector.


Yes; more specifically, videos are treated like documents and they can appear in the document viewer on the main screen, or on an external screen, or both.


Very cool; been wanting to incorporate MIDI light control for a long time, synchronized to the playback track!  8)


Will iPad1 stop running BH at some point?  Will it simply be left without future features?  Haw will that pan out?



The iOS versions were approved by Apple today. The iOS and Android versions should be available for download within hours.


Here are some forum threads about issues that have come up so far:

Program changes sent on wrong channels (iOS and Android)

Program change values don't appear when editing a MIDI preset (iOS)

Chord viewer resizes incorrectly (iOS 9)

Songs list crashes in some databases (iOS)

Fixes for the Android app have already been released. I've submitted fixes for the iOS app, but those have to go through Apple's unpredictable review process. Meanwhile, I'm working on a second iOS update that will address some smaller issues. You can see the problems that will be addressed in the second iOS update on these pages:

Unfortunately, I can't submit the second iOS update to Apple until they approve the first update, but I'll continue releasing fixes as quickly as their process allows me to.


Apple has now approved the first updates to the iOS apps (Set List Maker 4.2.1 and BandHelper 2.4.1), and I've submitted the second updates with additional fixes (4.2.2 and 2.4.2). The upcoming fixes are listed in the release notes:


Set List Maker 4.2.2 and BandHelper 2.4.2 have now been approved. So far, I haven't heard of any new bugs in these versions, but I'm working on the next updates to address some remaining, minor issues.


I just submitted Set List Maker 4.2.3 and BandHelper 2.4.3 for iOS. These clean up the remaining issues from the big new release, plus a few small additions. They should be available in about a week, based on Apple's recent turnaround times:


Just to give a thumbs up for the latest release: We had a full night's gig last weekend with BandHelper 2.4.2 and everything went without a hitch. The main features we use live are layouts with texts, chords and documents, metronome, remote control by Bluetooth and MIDI switches and sending MIDI presets and MIDI clock. Thanks a lot!

Now waiting for November and the iPad Pro: This monster surely will look impressive on the stage (in Gold? [emoji1]) and has a screen big enough to simultaneously handle a second app, e.g. for mixer control or VJ output. I suppose BH will support Split View / Slide Over in iOS9 in the near future?


Yes, I've been working on split view support this week and that will be ready in time for the iPad Pro release.


Here are a couple screen shots showing Set List Maker running in an iPad Pro simulator, sharing the screen with Safari for copying and pasting lyrics. You could open a mixer or effects app there instead.

Split screen apps can use 1/2 of the screen or 3/4 of the screen, with a second app in the remaining 1/2 or 1/4. When Set List Maker or BandHelper are using 3/4 of the screen on an iPad Air or iPad Mini in landscape, or 1/2 or 3/4 of the screen on an iPad Pro in landscape, they will use the two-column iPad layout. When they are using 1/2 of the screen on an iPad Air or iPad Mini in landscape, or any configuration in portrait, they will use the one-column iPhone layout.

If you plan to use shows (set lists) in split view, you will need to adjust your layouts or add new layouts for the non-standard window sizes used in split view.


Apple still has not approved version 4.2.3, submitted 18 days ago, so I gave up and submitted the version 4.2.4 that I've been working on since then. This will include all the updates from version 4.2.3, and if no issues come up from that version, I will then add iOS 9 split view support in the version after it.