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New Contacts Module

Started by arlo, December 19, 2015, 09:57:26 AM

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Pro accounts will soon have access to a new Contacts module. This lets you add all your music business contacts to your account, attach contacts to your events for quick access, or schedule reminders to follow up on booking or promo efforts. You can read a tutorial or watch a demo video here:

Or read the release notes here:

This feature will be released simultaneously for the web, iOS and Android platforms on January 1, or whenever Apple approves the iOS version. Happy new year!


The iOS version has been approved by Apple, so I plan to release the iOS, Android and web versions on January 1. Of course, if you have gigs this weekend, I recommend waiting a little longer rather than installing the update right before a gig.


The new website version is live now and the apps should be available for download shortly.

Here are a few notes about the new Contacts module:

- If you have added contact info to your events, that info has been split into separate contact records and linked to the events. You can view the contact info from the event edit page, but will need to go to the contact edit page to edit it.

- If you entered a person's name into the Contact field of an event, this will be copied to the Name field of the corresponding contact record. If the person is part of a larger business, like a performance venue, you might want to edit the contact and move the person's name to the Contact Name field, and enter the business name into the Name field.

- If more than one event had the same contact name, a single contact record has been created and linked to all those events. However, if the events had nearly the same contact name but with a slight spelling difference, this would create what might appear to be duplicate entries in your Contacts list. If you see these, you can click the View Event button on one of the contact edit pages, then remove that contact and link the other contact to the event, then return to the Contacts list and remove the contact that is no longer linked to any events.

- If an event had a contact address, phone or email but no name, a contact has been created with no name, which will appear as an empty item in the Contacts list. You can edit these contacts and enter names now. If you're not sure what name to enter, you can click the View Event button on the contact edit page to see the associated event info.

- Contacts can have categories and you can enter your own categories on the Contacts > Categories page. Some default categories have already been added to your account, but your contacts have not been assigned to any categories. You can assign them now from the contact edit pages. If you edit the first contact in your list, set a category and save, you can then click the Next button to repeat the process for each contact.