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Soundbrenner Metronome / Albeton Linking

Started by Mark, January 08, 2018, 09:58:59 AM

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Has anyone used the Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome ( with Bandhelper?  I'm interested in sending the tempo data from BH to this device, but I don't know how well that would work.  Soundbrenner's website ( says that it would support Ableton Linking, which I've never used before but which I think BH can utilize as well.  Am I right about that, and would there be latency issues?  Anyone have any experience with this?



From the release notes for BandHelper for iOS version 3.2:

- Added Settings > Tempo & Pitch > Send Tempo to Ableton Link. You can use this to send the tempo for each song to a Soundbrenner Pulse. You will need to click Set Up Ableton Link and turn on the Ableton Link setting, then install the Soundbrenner Metronome app and turn on Settings > App Settings > Ableton Link. Then when you play a tempo for a song in BandHelper, the Soundbrenner Pulse will be updated with the same tempo. You will still need to start and stop the Pulse yourself, and the Pulse tempo will not be synchronized with the BandHelper tempo. We hope to add deeper integration in the future.



Hi, I tried the soundbrenner/Ableton Link combi with SetlistMaker on ipad and Soundbrenner metronome app on OnePlus3 Android phone. They do sync, sort of, but unfortunately there is no start command initiated from SM. So I have to manualy start the soundbrenner while receiving sync puls from SM. So they never start at the same time. Impossible to get both machines bleep at the same time. They are in tempo sync though, but not in the same beat.

Any ideas?


The need to start the tempo yourself, and the lack of a sync between the two products, are known limitations of this setup. Apparently SoundBrenner added support for MIDI tempo sync, but I never got it to work and when I asked them about it, they said they were too busy with other things.


I don't know when Soundbrenner fixed this, but another user alerted me that the Soundbrenner app now follows a MIDI beat clock sent from BandHelper. This means the SoundBrenner Pulse will change tempo, start and stop in sync with the tempo function in BandHelper. You do not need to use the Send Tempo to Ableton Link setting as before -- just the Send MIDI Beat Clock setting. Then in the Soundbrenner app, go to Settings > MIDI, click BandHelper to connect, and click EXT.

However, for some reason this only works with the old beat clock code in BandHelper, so you have to turn off Help > Utilities > Use New MIDI Beat Clock. I'll post an update if I find out that it works with the new beat clock in the future.


After another Soundbrenner app update, it works with the new MIDI beat clock.


I tried out the integration, it works but it's inconsistent.  From what I can tell this is on the Soundbrenner app not BH.  YMMV.

We're going to end up moving to IEMs anyways so we'll go with the clicktrack in our ears.