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Start automation recording on first event?

Started by chadcb, May 12, 2019, 09:30:53 AM

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Is there a setting to have automation recording start only after you press the first event?

For example, I have a list of MIDI presets for a song. I select 'Automation', then record. But it starts recording immediately. I would like to be able to hit Record, but then have it start once I select the first preset.

I'm not using backing tracks. I'm just recording the automation with a metronome playing. I could wait 4 counts and then press the first event, but the issue is when playing with a band, we may have a click running but not sure what the count in will be. I would like to just press the automation start as soon as we start the song.

Also, is there a way to edit automation events via the web interface?


I'm not understanding why it would be an advantage to start the automation track at the first event. Then when you performed the song, you'd have to start the automation track playback at that same point. If you're not sure when the song will start relative to the click track in a performance, you'd have to start the automation track manually anyway when the song actually starts, but that still seems easier than remembering when the first event should happen and waiting until then to start it.


Thanks for the reply. I just realized that I was over thinking this. When I load a song and have it pull up the preset I want, the preset would already be at the correct setting I want to start with. So no need for an automation event right at the beginning. I'm using an Axe-Fx which has the concept of Scenes. As long as I save the preset with the correct starting scene, then it's already where I need to be at the beginning of the song. :)

One other question, if I have automations created for a song that is set for say 100 bpm, and then at practice we decide to change it to 102, will I have to redo the automations at the new tempo? Or is there a way to have bandhelper update the automation timeline based on the new tempo?

Thanks again


No, sorry -- there isn't a way to retime all the events to a new tempo automatically. Entering events in terms of bars and beats instead of times is on my wish list; in that case, the retiming would happen automatically when you change the tempo.