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iOS 8 Update Info

Started by arlo, August 26, 2014, 03:56:28 PM

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Set List Maker version 4.0.6 has been tested and tweaked for iOS 8 compatibility. This should be available before iOS 8 is released on September 17:

If you are still using Set List Maker 3

I have not tested Set List Maker version 3 on iOS 8, but I expect that it will introduce some of the incompatibilities I just addressed in version 4.0.6. This includes the on-screen keyboard appearing and covering part of the Perform window, and some minor graphics issues.

I am no longer able to release updates for version 3, so I will not be able to address any issues in that version. If you are still using Set List Maker 3, I recommend not installing iOS 8 until you are ready to update to Set List Maker 4. The Version 4 FAQ has several resources to help make that transition.

If you are using an iPad 1

At some time in the future, Apple will stop supporting the iPad 1 in its developer tools, and I will no longer be able to support it in my software. With the upcoming iOS 8, that time has not come yet, so the upcoming Set List Maker and BandHelper updates will continue to run on the iPad 1.

However, it looks like Apple is changing the way Bluetooth keyboard connections, as used by AirTurn and other Bluetooth remote control devices, work in iOS 8, and this might affect how the app works on the iPad 1. I will attempt to update my apps to provide the same hardware support they always have, but if I need to remove Bluetooth keyboard support for the iPad 1 in an upcoming version, I will state that in the release notes.

If you use a Bluetooth remote control device with an iPad 1, please read the release notes (labeled "What's New" in the App Store) for the next few updates, or check this thread, before installing. If I am forced to stop supporting this configuration, you would need to avoid installing any more app versions in order to maintain your current functionality.

If you are using a Bluetooth or wired keyboard device for remote control

The keyboard remote control functionality will change slightly for anyone who updates to iOS 8. The app running on iOS 8 will no longer connect to a Bluetooth or wired keyboard automatically. Instead, you can tap the new "keyboard" button in the top toolbar of the show view (see screen shot below) to make the connection. You should only do this when your remote control device is paired with your iOS device; otherwise, the software keyboard will appear on screen and cover your show view. If this happens accidentally, you can tap the keyboard button to disable keyboard input and that should hide the software keyboard again.

The default functionality is unchanged for devices running iOS 7 or older, but the keyboard connection button will still appear, so you can use it to toggle a keyboard connection if needed.

And since there are now five possible buttons in the utility toolbar, I've added settings to hide any you don't need, in Settings > Appearance > Utility Buttons In Top Toolbar.


Set List Maker 4.0.6 and BandHelper 2.0.6, which provide iOS 8 compatibility, are in the App Store now.


I've just learned iOS 8 has a bug that prevents Set List Maker and BandHelper from displaying RTF documents. If you rely on RTF documents, you should wait to install iOS 8 until Apple fixes that in an iOS update. Alternatively, you can convert your documents to a different format, preferably PDF.


It looks like iOS 8 also causes a crash when you remove a song from a show. I've updated the app to work around this problem, but I'll wait a day or two to see if any other significant bugs appear before submitting another release.

If you need a workaround in the meantime, you could add an extra set to your show, then move any unwanted songs to the new set to get them out of the way, and come back to delete them later when the next version is available.


I just submitted version 4.0.7, which should fix the crash when removing songs from a show, and includes a few other bug fixes:


I haven't had a chance to install iOS 8.0.2 yet -- has anyone checked to see if it restores the RTF support or eliminates the song removing crash?


I have just installed iOS 8.0.2 on my iPhone 5 and my iPads: No problem with removing songs from a show (SLM version - this seems to have been fixed with the iOS update. I could not test RTF yet.


Good news on the show editing. Apple released their fix before they released mine.  :P

I'm attaching an RTF file here in case anyone can test with that. In iOS 8.0, an error message appeared in the document viewer when viewing an RTF file.


Just checked it with your doc on my iPhone 5 running iOS 8.0.2, unfortunately there is still an error ("Unable to Read Document") :(


Also, unfortunately, I heard from several users over the weekend who were still seeing crashes when removing songs in iOS 8.0.2. So I think we still need to wait for Apple to release Set List Maker 4.0.7 to resolve that.


Rtf just displays a black wondow under 8.0.2
So no change yet.

Interstingly this does not seem to be a general problem.
Onenote and apple mail work flawlessly with rtf, other apps show different err codes.


Version 4.0.7 was just approved and should be available for download now. That should fix the crash when removing songs from a show.


the update posted yesterday seems to fix the crash when deleting a song, but if I delete a set break, it still crashes.


Okay, I've been working on the problem with removing sets from a show. This is now fixed in my working copy and will be fixed in the next update. I'll try to submit that by the end of the week.


Here's a new problem: if you select a show, then tap Share, then Open In, you can select an app to send the set list to, but nothing happens when you select it. I've updated all my devices to 8.0.2 now, so I don't know if this problem started in iOS 8.0 or only in 8.0.2. I'm still looking for a solution.