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iDock II > MidiBridge > SLM

Started by ElleBiba, March 12, 2015, 06:32:56 PM

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Hi arlo,

I am using SLM with my iPad a while in my band to share the setlist with other bandmates - and it work fine! Btw: Thanks for that great app!
Now, with a additional band I need SLM for more complex things. What I want to do is to play playbacks with SLM and start them with a footswitch. Also I want to send MIDI commands to my keyboard (and ofcourse read the lyrics).
Thats why I bought a Alesis iDock II, because this one has a 6,3mm Plug to output the audio and MIDI-In and Out and also a footswitch. Unfortnulately does the iDock only sends MIDI CC14 by tapping the footswitch. Thats why I bought also MidiBridge today to relink the CC14 to CC80. I tryed the whole night, but I can't get it to work, that the footswitch starts and stopps my playbacks.

In a past thread, you describe, that you use MidiBridge without troubles.
Can you explain please, how to setup MidiBridge and SLM to start/stop playbacks in SLM via the footswitch from iDock II, who is sending a CC14.

Thanks for youre help.
Nice regards


I only commented in that thread that running MIDI Bridge didn't cause Set List Maker to crash for me; I don't know how to remap MIDI messages. Maybe someone else here can help with that, or you can check the MIDI Bridge website for instructions or help.


Hi arlo,

just by trying again this morning, I've found out, how it works!
Just let me explain for those ones, who have the same problem:

Connect your iPad with the Alesis iODock II. Then open Set List Maker. After that, open Midi Bridge.
In Midi Bridge go to the "Interfaces" tab. There you should see at least the io Dock, MidiBridge and SetListMaker In's and Out's. Connect the iODock In with the MidiBridge Out.

Than tab the Modules icon in the iODock In. There make the checkmark to Stream Byter and than tap the i-icon to open the Stream Byter settings.

In the text field of the preset settings, type the follow:
B0 0E = B0 50 7F #(where the 0 is a Zero!)
After that press "Install Rules"

Now save this preset while tapping the white arrow above to name this preset. (A name like you want) And than press Done in the left upper corner. Press Done again to come back to the "Interfaces" tab.

After that, you should save the Scene. To do so, press the "Scenes" Button and hold a scene for 3 seconds. Now you can name your scene and than press the Save Button.

Okay, thats the settings for MidiBridge.
Now go to Set List Maker.
Choose Settings > Remote Control and scroll down to MIDI-channel.
There you choose "MidiBridge" In the Port-section and (maybe) Channel 1 in the Channel section.
After that scroll down to the MIDI-Controllers and choose for "General Purpose Button 1" maybe "start/stop audio 1"

Now go back to your shows, choose the set you want and choose a song with a playback in audio 1 and hit your footswitch, who is plugged to the Alesis iODock II.

Thats all!

Hope you'll find this helpfull.
Thanks for watching  ;)

Kind regards




Thank you!


Yes-  Thank you.  I had read some reviews about Midi Bridge not working after the IOS 9 update.  I am running the latest IOS and all worked perfectly for this tutorial!

I am so looking forward to using the Alesis Dock set up with 1/4" outs and no more Midi Rig spaghetti, and of course a foot pedal to start/stop the tracks that doesn't cost $70 alone.