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What device do you use?

Started by arlo, October 18, 2013, 02:44:17 PM

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What kind of device do you use with Set List Maker?

iPod touch


Based on my conversations with users, it seems like about 70% use iPads, about 30% use iPhones and almost nobody uses iPods. So I'm just curious, what do you use?


I solely use my iPad with SLM for managing and performing my songs.  I recently did the dBase synch with my iPhone as a back up system to preserve all of my work.  I also figured I could do some edits or create show song lists when i didn't have my iPad handy.  Unfortunately I am having some compatibility issues between the two devices, but I will dig into that later.


I use an iPad.  In a 6 pc. Band, one other player has an iPad with SLM, and one uses an iPhone with SLM.  The other three just don't get it.


iPads all around in my duo. I have all the recordings on mine which is patched through to our PA and my partner has all of his lyrics and chords on his. I choose the songs and, with device linking, his chords and lyrics are displayed automatically. How good is that!