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Pebble watch integration?

Started by arlo, January 05, 2014, 12:21:18 AM

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Would you use a Pebble watch with Set List Maker?

Yes, I own a Pebble and would like to use it with Set List Maker.
0 (0%)
I don't own a Pebble but would consider buying one for this purpose.
2 (16.7%)
I would like to use a different smart watch instead.
2 (16.7%)
I have no interest in smart watch integration.
8 (66.7%)

Total Members Voted: 12


I've been experimenting with Pebble watch programming and built a companion Pebble app for one of my other iOS apps. I could create a Pebble companion app for Set List Maker, too. This could display the current or next song info on the watch screen, or send remote control messages to your iOS device from the watch buttons. Would you use something like this?


Jim in Ohio