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Auto-scroll timing

Started by JerryK, June 17, 2015, 07:07:19 AM

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I have one song in particular where I can't make auto-scroll behave as I want.  I think the reason is a long Intro, and suspect that the auto calculation counts the number of lyric lines but ignores chords.  Consequently, with many lines of chords at the beginning and almost no text, the actual lyrics are arriving too soon, yet later in the song I'm peering at the bottom of the screen hoping they will arrive in time to sing them.
Am I right?  Is there a way to fool BH into playing my game without going to manual timing?
I do include extra bits of lyric text so that solos and outro occupy some real time but this song has me beat.


The easiest solution is to add empty lines to your lyrics at the places where you are playing music but not singing. This could include a long intro, or solos in the middle of the song. If you have a few lines of chords, try adding empty lines between them, or split them across multiple lines if that makes them easier to read.

Another option is to change Settings > Automation > Auto-Scroll Calculation to Manual, and then you can set an auto-scroll pre-roll for this song. I think that's what you meant when you said you didn't want to go to manual timing ... but you can only take this step on the songs where it is needed, and the others will work as before.

For the sake of completeness, you could also use a foot switch to scroll up or down a page at a time or start and stop auto-scrolling as you play, or you could use automation tracks to scroll up or down by any amount or start and stop auto-scrolling at predefined times.


Thanks Arlo. I think I've decided that BH counts Returns or LineFeeds and spreads that along the time available, with a pre & post roll which accounts for half a screen at current size at each end.  So to fix it, as you alluded to, I've ensured there is a line of text or a dot and NewLine for every 2 bars of the song. Perfect.  Any consistent number of beats or bars per line should work perfectly.  I presume in-line chords don't 'create' extra lines for this count.


You don't need to enter a dot and a newline, just a newline (empty line) will do the job.

I'm not sure what you mean about in-line chords and extra lines, but if you are using ChordPro formatting to position chords above lyrics, then the auto-scroll speed will automatically increase to scroll through the additional lines over the same duration.