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Android 1.4 / iOS 2.3.3

Started by arlo, June 15, 2015, 09:05:55 PM

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The next BandHelper app updates have been approved and should be available to your Android and iOS devices in the next few hours. This version focuses on bringing the Android functionality up to the level of the iOS app, so most of the changes are in the Android version, but the iOS app has also been updated for compatibility. I'm proud to say that the feature list is almost equal now:

The Android version 1.4 release notes list all the new features, along with some tips on how to use them:


Since the release, I've seen that some Set List Maker databases contain corrupted text formatting that crashes the new iOS version. This only affects a tiny fraction of Set List Maker users, and I don't think it affects BandHelper at all.

If you do see this problem, please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support and I can clean up the corrupted data for you. However, I will be traveling tomorrow through Monday and won't be able to help during that time, so if you haven't installed the update yet, I recommend waiting until next week to be extra safe.