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Android 1.3 / iOS 4.1.8

Started by arlo, June 16, 2015, 08:17:13 AM

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The next Set List Maker app updates have been approved and should be available to your Android and iOS devices in the next few hours. This version focuses on bringing the Android functionality up to the level of the iOS app, so most of the changes are in the Android version, but the iOS app has also been updated for compatibility. I'm proud to say that the feature list is almost equal now:

The Android version 1.3 release notes list all the new features, along with some tips on how to use them:


Since the release, I've seen that some databases contain corrupted text formatting that crashes the new iOS version. So far I've only heard about this from three people, out of the thousands who have updated, so it's pretty rare.

If you see this problem, and you use the database sync feature, please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support and I can clean up the corrupted data for you. However, I will be traveling tomorrow through Monday and won't be able to help during that time, so if you haven't installed the update yet, I recommend waiting until next week.

I've already submitted a new version will address the problem for people who don't use the sync feature, but that could take a week or more to pass through Apple's review system. If you do not use the sync feature, I recommend skipping 4.1.8 and waiting for 4.1.9 just in case.


After a few more reports, I have more info about this problem.

If you have invalid formatting in the Notes field of a song or a show, the app will crash when viewing the Songs or Shows list. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see which song or show is causing the problem. But if you can open the Shows list, you should be able to open a show and view all the songs but the problem songs.

If you have invalid formatting in the Lyrics or Chords field of a song, the app will crash when viewing or editing that song. If you use the database sync feature, and you send a message from Help > Request Tech Support button in the app, and tell me the names of the problem songs, I can remove the formatting from them. However, I'm traveling today through Monday and will have limited online access.

If you can't wait for my help, another option is to edit the problem songs from a device that has not yet been updated to app version 4.0.8, copy and paste the lyrics and chords to a plain text document to remove all the formatting, then copy and paste them back into the app. Then sync your devices and the songs should display on all your devices.

This will be fixed in the next update, which I have already submitted to Apple, but Apple it's impossible to know when they will release it. At that point, you can use the Settings > Database Sync > Rollback button to restore the formatting you removed.

If you do not need a fix this weekend, please wait until Tuesday to contact me, since I will have limited time to respond while traveling.


One more problem that has popped up is that some songs with extensive color formatting display with the colors in the wrong places or with bits of HTML span tags visible. I have a fix for this, but I can't submit it to Apple until they approve the fix for the crashes that I submitted last week -- so it will be about two weeks before the color fix is available.

If you use the database sync feature, I can also fix this issue for you by updating your songs through the sync server. Please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support if you want me to do that. Otherwise, they should return to normal with version 4.1.10.

To clarify: version 4.1.9 will fix crashes with songs and shows, and version 4.1.10 will fix misplaced color formatting. I expect Apple to release 4.1.9 in a few days and version 4.1.10 about 10 days after that. Unfortunately, Apple's review process is the limiting factor in getting these fixes to you quickly.


Apple just approved version 4.1.9, which should fix the crashes related to the formatting updates. Now I'm submitting version 4.1.10, which should fix incorrectly placed formatting, especially color formatting. The last release took a week for approval, so I'm guessing this one will, too. Hopefully that will take care of the formatting issues and get us back to normal again!


Okay, we're almost there, but the latest iOS version 4.1.10 still has a problem where a few special characters (&, < and >) cause your formatting to be offset slightly from the intended position. I'll fix this in the next update, but will wait a few days to work on a couple other things before releasing that. The update should fix the offsetting without any further action on your part, but if you can't wait, you can edit your lyrics to remove the characters above and then readjust the formatting manually.


I just submitted iOS 4.1.11 and Android 1.3.2 to fix the problem with &, < and > characters.

The document annotations functionality was also updated in these releases to support cross-platform syncing, and I just learned that devices running iOS 5-6 will not convert the old annotations format to the new format. If you are syncing these devices with devices running iOS 7-8, you can use the Help > Troubleshooting > Update All Document Annotations button on an iOS 7-8 device, and the converted annotations will sync back to the iOS 5-6 devices. If you are syncing but only have iOS 5-6 devices, you can email me and I can convert your annotations for you. If you are not syncing but your device is newer than an iPad 1, you can update your device to the latest iOS version.

See also my post about future iPad 1 support:,1028.msg3336.html


iOS version 4.1.11 was already approved (it took less than a day this time) and should be available for download in a few hours.