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Unable to change Port - phantom channel conflict?

Started by joebear, June 17, 2015, 08:44:24 PM

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I think I found an issue in BH-web. Play along and see if you agree. I am trying to change the Port of a MIDI Device from a given Port back to 'All'. Refer to the figures.

1) Before attempt, we see two devices - HD500 on Port 'iConnectAudio4+ DIN', channel 16, and VL3 on All, ch 15.

2) We've clicked Edit for HD500. Pull dropdown for Port, deselect 'iConnectAudio4+ DIN', select 'All'.

3) Hit 'Save' and get error - 'The channel selected is already in use by another device . Your changes have not been saved'. Hmm. I thought VL3 was on 15...

4) It is! What is this conflict of which you speak? Let us make sure we did not set HD500 to 15 at the same time as resetting to All Ports...

5) Nope - Even more damning - the Port is listed as 'All' here, not 'iConnectAudio4+ DIN' as it is in the Devices list.


last screen shot attached.

Edit: I can fix it in BH-iPad, and a subsequent Sync fixes BH-web.


You have three projects and you have the HD500 entered as a device in all three projects on channel 16. So the problem is that the conflict checker is not taking the separate projects into account and one copy of the HD500 is conflicting with the other two.

I would recommend just entering one copy of the HD500 and assigning it to all three projects, rather than maintaining a separate copy in each project. That will avoid this problem, and is generally a more efficient approach (more so with things like songs and lyrics).

Then I'll have to tweak the channel conflict checker for multi-project contexts. The difficulty is that someone could create two devices on the same channel in two different projects, then move one device to the other project to create a conflict. That would lead to some bugs that would be hard to track down without knowing what that person did to create the conflict.


I've just updated the web interface and apps to allow setting the same channel for MIDI devices that are assigned to different projects or users. Also, the channel menu will now update to show the available channels whenever you change the users or projects, to prevent you from setting up a channel conflict.