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Adding Document to a Song on Web interface not working?

Started by HotLapsLicks, July 02, 2015, 05:32:29 AM

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I started having problems yesterday (July 1) with adding a document to a song, but only with the web interface.

I successfully added a .pdf format song chart via Repertoire > Documents, and it appears in the Document list when I hit the + button under Repertoire > Songs > Song Edit page.  After finding the song and clicking the checkbox, then hitting submit, the interface takes no action.  It doesn't respond, yet it doesn't hang up as I'm able to hit cancel to return to the Song Edit page.

I have tried this with both the latest versions of Chrome (my default browser) and IE with the same results, and have restarted both in case it was a cache problem.

I am able to successfully attach the document to the song via iOS on my iPad, so it appears to be a web version problem (not sure about Android).

Something I'm doing wrong or I can do to resolve this?



When I select a document in the Add Documents popup and click Save (not Submit), the popup disappears and the document is added to the Documents list on the main page. I tried in Safari and Chrome with no problem.

Can you explicitly clear the cache (instead of restarting the browser) and see if that helps? If it doesn't, please email me your account name and username and I'll see if there is something particular to your account data that's causing the problem.


Hi Arlo,

I cleared the cache and re-booted the browser. At first it did not work, but I walked away for several hours and just tried it again and it seems to be working ok.  Not sure what the issue was, but it appears ok now.

Thanks for the help.


Okay. If you saw the problem with a new song (that had never been saved before), then a fix I made recently for an issue affecting new songs probably took care of this issue, too.