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First gig with SetList Maker

Started by jeebustrain, November 11, 2014, 12:34:27 PM

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After a few months of playing with it off and on, I finally decided to make a go at using SLM to manage my keyboard rig. I'd been using a combination of SetList Mode on my Kronos, along with the Acrobat reader on the Ipad. I gave up on controlling the song/preset changes via MIDI and broke down and bought a set of BT pedals. I now have one set to advance the song, and the other set to advance the MIDI presets. It took a good 3 hours or so to get the list of songs (with their associated attachment names), along with the midi presets all lined up properly in a CSV file in order for me to do a bulk import. To bulk add the presets, I used a librarian tool to export all of the Kronos setlist names/program numbers to a text file and massaged the data together in a spreadsheet (I'm a DBA by trade, so massaging data is in my blood  :D).

Sunday, I had a low pressure gig (drummer's son's rock'n roll birthday party!). The band was going to only play for about an hour or so. We're a dance band and usually do everything in rapid fire succession, so this would be a nice change of pace.

In this setup, I have the iPad sending program change data (via USB cable) into the Kronos. The Kronos then sends patch change information (via MIDI) to the V-Synth, Prophet 12, GSI Burn Rotary Pedal, and TC Vocal Processor (not pictured).

Other than a few minor burps (I inadvertently tapped the song pedal a couple times while playing, so I think I need to find a better place to put it on my pedalboard), everything went really well. My next step is to incorporate the backing tracks into SLM (I can route the audio thru the Kronos to a set of aux outs that will go to the PA). I might even be able to convince the other guys in the band (several of them have Ipads) to get into the fun so we can sync things up.


Cool! Low pressure gigs are good for trying new things. :-)


Hi - sorry to drag up and old topic, but it sounds like you've succeeded in doing what I want to do.

I'm running SLM to control 2 devices - the Kronos and a Roland RD700. I've got the Kronos connected to the iPad via USB-B, and a MIDI cable from the Kronos's thru to the RD's Midi In.

On SLM, I have the MIDI preset set to channel 2 for the Korg, and 1 for the Roland, with 'All Ports' selected. The Korg is program changing fine, but the Roland isn't. I have MSB LSB data set for each channel

I had come to the conclusion that you cannot use the Kronos to 'thru' program change data from USB to MIDI, but then I saw this post, so wondered if anyone could help?

Kind regards