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SLM Stopped

Started by Ruckman65, July 05, 2015, 04:54:13 AM

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My partner and I both run SLM on our iPads but they are not linked while we are performing. Bluetooth is turned off on both machines. At a gig a couple of nights back, mid way through our first song, SLM crashed on both iPads at exactly the same time, throwing us back to the iPad home screen. All I can think of is that there may have been some sort of wifi interference that caused both machines to crash.  We decided to turn off wifi at our gig last night and there were no problems. 

Anyone experienced something similar?


Were they connected to a wi-fi network?

Can you reproduce the problem with either of the devices on their own?


Hello Arlo. The place we were playing has free public wi-fi access but neither of us looked at our wi-fi settings or use wi-fi when working. We have not been able to re-produce the problem so we will assume it was a once off caused by the local wi-fi network somehow. We will ust keep wi-fi turned off when we are working.


I always park my iPad in airplane mode when performing.


Excellent suggestion, Krystofur.