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PDF document - white letter on black background

Started by Gerhard_H, July 24, 2015, 07:33:27 AM

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I have to add some documents as PDF files. These are black letters on white background.
I hadn't found any solution to get the PDF with white letters on black background. Even if I make the document in MSWord white on black - when I transform it via "doPDF" into a PDF-file the result is again black on white. OK, it's a "doPDF" issue.
Is there a known way how to get an inversed PDF ? SLM doesn't seem to can do that (kinda "night mode").


You must be using the iOS version, because the Android version does this automatically when you change the color theme.

On iOS, Word files display with a transparent background, so you can set up your Word file with white text on a black background and then change Settings > Appearance > Word Document Colors to Inverted to add a dark background behind the file. Or you can find a PDF conversion tool that retains the colors you set up in Word, and Set List Maker will display the PDF colors accurately.


Quote from: arlo on July 24, 2015, 09:25:23 AM
. . . so you can set up your Word file with white text on a black background . . .
Of course I have had tried out this way but without success.
Nevertheless it works, but you mustn't use total black and white in word.
I found it out accidentally :
It has to be a nearly black grey for the background and nearly white grey (it also might be a very light yellow) for the letters.
And "Settings/Appearance/Word Document Colors/inverted" of course.


What happens if you use pure white text on a pure black background?


I tested again and now SLM shows both (pure white on pure black and light on dark grey) properly.
I am a little bit confused about that.
Anyway - it works  :D

Again for sure : inverted-word to pdf transformation didn't work, the inverted word document went straight to SLM.


Again for sure : inverted-word to pdf transformation didn't work

I think that would depend on the software you use to make PDFs. Anyway, I'm glad the Word files are working for you.


I've attached a Word template that I use every time I create a new lyrics sheet.  I created it some time ago and don't even remember how I did.  My process for creating a .pdf is as such:  I choose to print the document from Word.  In the print dialog box there is an option in the lower left for saving as a .pdf. 

Now, I am on a Mac.  So this might not be very helpful for you if your are not.

Hope it helps!