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Author Topic: RAW Midi Data  (Read 4391 times)


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RAW Midi Data
« on: July 13, 2015, 10:43:50 AM »
I have posted this in the axe fx forum - is there anybody in this forum with an axe fx on firmware 19 and can confirm or not. Thanks

Is there a change in midi data (AXE FX II) by the last firmware's? I work with setlistmaker and I send RAW midi date as follows. When I change from dirty (Preset 03) to drive (Preset 04) everything is ok but when I change from Dirty 1-R (C0 03 B0 34 7F 53 7F) (Preset 3 dirty with volume boost and reverb) to the same Preset 03 with different cc like delay on, boost of (C0 03 B0 2F 7F) or any other combination with preset 03, it will be ignored. Ignore redundant pc is set to off in the midi menu.

 It has worked before but I'm not sure if it is the axe or setlistmaker - both received an update.

 34 is Boost Filter
 53 is Reverb
 29 is Chorus
 2F is Delay

 Dirty 1-R C0 03 B0 34 7F 53 7F
 Dirty 1-D C0 03 B0 34 7F 2F 7F
 Dirty 1-CR C0 03 B0 34 7F 29 7F 53 7F
 Dirty 1-CD C0 03 B0 34 7F 29 7F 2F 7F

 Drive 0-R C0 04 B0 53 7F
 Drive 0-D C0 04 B0 2F 7F
 Drive 0-CR C0 04 B0 29 7F 53 7F
 Drive 0-CR C0 04 B0 29 7F 2F 7F
 Drive 1 C0 04 B0 34 7F
 Drive 1-R C0 04 B0 34 7F 53 7F