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MP3 gain

Started by Krystofur, July 24, 2015, 06:59:55 AM

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There is a popular application out there now called MP3 gain. Basically, you set peak levels for MP3 files that one may be using for backing tracks so peaks are the same, and limited, from track to track when performing. The application does not alter the wave form, per se, but rather "tags" the file to instruct an MP3 player where to reduce gain when playing. Very similar to the concept behind Apple/iOS soundcheck feature in iTunes.

Absolutely...nothing beats getting the mix right from jump street and checking the levels yourself, which we do. But this is just being used as a check of the check or to ensure that we simply never clip on stage.

Does SLM support this function or recognize such "tagging" of MP3 files?



If you enable the Soundcheck feature in iTunes, Set List Maker will follow its level adjustments.

I think MP3Gain actually rewrites the file data, so that should work, too. You could try it and post back with your results.

You can also manually adjust the level for a recording by editing its settings in the Recordings list.