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Song title displayed in full-screen view?

Started by gfhbass, July 29, 2015, 06:25:23 AM

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While in a "show", I select a song, double-tap to get a full-screen view of "Lyrics and Chords".  I there any option that I can set to show the song title in this full-screen view (other than typing the name into the chord box).  Sadly, I sometimes get lost when moving to the next document while in full-screen view and the song title in the bottom corner or someplace would be helpful


No, full screen lyrics is literally full screen, with nothing else on the screen.

You can use a song-only layout instead, and customize it to remove everything except the lyrics and the top toolbar, which will contain the title:


Ah, the song-only view was pretty much what I wanted.  Thanks...