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Song page breaks.

Started by lasdan, August 20, 2015, 11:23:44 AM

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Very happy with the product so far, but I have one problem. I use the Airturn pedal, and the pedal works fine. Only problem is that I would like to control where the page breaks are. Now some of the text apprears clipped at the bottom of the page, and when I choose "next page", that text scrolls past the top. Is there a way in IOS or on the web to "hard-set" the page breaks?




The page up / page down functions will only scroll by 90% of the view height when viewing lyrics. It would be best to send a message from Help > Request Tech Support and answer the questions in exact detail to show me how you are getting that problem.


I got your support email. It's normal for the top or bottom line of text to be partially cut off; there's no way to avoid that. But the app should never jump so far that it skips over any lines. In other words, if you have 100 lines of text and you can see 10 lines at a time, you might see lines 1-10, then lines 10-19, then lines 19-28, etc. You should not see lines 1-10, then lines 12-21, then 23-32, etc. Is that happening?


sorry for my late reply.
no, we are not seeing skipped lines.
However, it sould be a very nice feature to be able to put in a "page break"
or something in the lyrics so that a natural change between verse and chorus could be defined.




I don't think there is a way to scroll to a point based on the content at that point. You could record an automation track that scrolls to certain points, and in the future I might offer the ability to step through automation events manually rather than playing them from a timer; that would give you what you're looking for. One other option would be to use documents instead of the built-in lyrics field and add page breaks in your documents.


The new app version released today includes a button for adding markers to lyrics, and then any page function will jump to the markers. More details and a demo video are here:,1785.0.html