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Markers - Automation - Midi

Started by Max Headroom, August 09, 2022, 06:41:38 AM

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Max Headroom


Not been on here for a LONG time - very glad to see its still thriving.

Brief background - been using Set List Maker for quite some time now and frankly could not function without it! Started as just a setlist whilst playing guitar, then added pedalboar FX switching and control of sample playback in AUM, and then control of apps in AUM linked to my Fishman Triple Play guitar setup. SLM has been there every step of the way - simply awesome.

My latest challenge is to integrate light control!!  I shall be using Photon 2 on  my ipad and want to be able to trigger changes / sequences at various points during a song. Automation is however NOT a suitable road for us, we are a live band, live drums and far to much adrenalin - and the band does not want to play to a click track.

So I came here seeking solutions / help and read a post from Arlo:

"A more generally useful idea that's already on my wish list is the ability to step through events in an automation track manually. In that case, an automation track is not really for "automation," but is a pre-programmed list of actions, with manual control over the timing. This could work here if your timing gets off because you could then switch to manual control for the rest of that song, stepping through the remaining automation events. Of course, that's pretty similar to what you already have with your scroll up/down foot switches; you would just need to stop the automation track when your timing is off, and revert to manually scrolling for the rest of that song."

The idea of a footswitch advanceable list of markers would be perfect for us - if I can attach midi presets to the markers so that advancing to the next marker would send a midi preset / presets attached to that marker. I do extensively use both the midi layout preset and 'Send At song start' options so I would like the ability to attach midi presets to markers to be an additional option NOT an either / or.  As the marker system already exists in the Lyric section maybe thats the system to expand - I wouldnt want to take away automation from those who use it. 

Even of none of the above materialises, this remains an astonishing App which has transformed my music making - Thank You


I'll add a vote for this wish list item.

Under this approach, you would not attach MIDI presets to markers. Instead, you would program a MIDI preset send and marker jump at the same time. This gives you the flexibility to change markers and MIDI presets at the same time or at different times.

Max Headroom

Thanks Arlo, a very useful seperation. 




I just bought this app thinking this feature was already implemented.
Bit disappointed to find out it's not.☹️
Oh well.... Still a really great app.


One other thing you could do is assign both the Next Marker and Next MIDI Preset remote control actions to the same foot switch. But that would require an exact correspondence of markers to presets (you could create empty MIDI presets if you need more markers than presets), and if the current marker and current MIDI preset got out of sync somehow, you'd have to manually select the right one to get back into sync.


Hello Arlo, I'm new here, just installed the app today and this is one of the main features I'm looking for, was it implemented already?


The original post refers to markers, which are used for lyrics, and quotes another post that I don't know the source of. But I don't see any reference to lyrics in this thread. So if you only want to step through a list of MIDI presets, you can easily do that by attaching the presets to a song in the desired order and then mapping a foot switch button to Next MIDI Preset on the Settings > App Control page.


Arlo, thanks a lot for your very fast reply 👍🏻

My rig is a Singular Aeros + BeatBuddy + MIDI Maestro + Boss GT1000.
I'm looking for a way to do the following (this is just an example):
Intro = Aeros Part1
Verse1 = Aeros Part2
Verse2 = Aeros Part3
Bridge = Aeros Part4
Chorus = Aeros Part5
Outro = Aeros Part6

1- play automatically Intro + Verse1 and wait there looping Verse1 indefinitely
2- at any time trigger Verse2 + Bridge + Chorus and return to Verse1 and wait there indefinitely
... trigger again this or any preset combination of Aeros Parts and back to Verse1 lopping indefinitely
3- at any time trigger Chorus + Outro and finish the song

MidiMaestro controls BH, triggering presents in BH
BH contains all these preset sequences and controls Aeros
Aeros controls BeatBuddy

I see the Automation functionality, which looks perfect, but there is only one Automation per song
Perhaps set up one song per different sequence preset and one Set List per song and jump between songs?

I tried to implement this in OnSong and almost did it, but that app is full of bugs and is VERY unreliable, so I'm looking for other options, I see great potential here 😉

Thank a lot for your help!


Set List Maker isn't a sequencer, so it can't send a MIDI preset repeatedly on a loop until you tell it to send a different MIDI preset, etc. What it can do is send MIDI messages to a sequencer to tell that to move to a different section, etc. Can you program a sequence on the Aeros and program it to move to different sections of the sequence when it receives incoming MIDI messages? If so, you can add each message you need as a MIDI preset in Set List Maker, and attach those presets to one song. Then you could either map two buttons of your foot switch to the Previous MIDI Preset and Next MIDI Preset app control actions, or map up to 10 foot switch buttons to the Send MIDI Preset 1-10 actions. You can also add an initial MIDI preset that starts your sequence and sends automatically when you select a song, then trigger the additional MIDI presets manually from your foot switch to move to different parts of the sequence.

You can use the same setup to move through lighting scenes as in the original post.


Arlo, the idea I posted above WORKS JUST PERFECT!!!
Thanks a lot for a great app, flexible and no bugs!!! Congratulations!!!

1. in App Control/Actions/, is there a way to assign any CC (e.g. CC 113) to an Action? I only see in "MIDI Controller Messages" the options CC 80 till 83 and CC 64 till 69. Am I missing something?
2. is there a way to Trigger an action also checking the value of the CC? e.g. CC113 value 0, different to CC113 value 1

And a suggestion (whish list), the option to add setlists to a Setlist, and not only songs, I know it does not make sense to have setlists of setlists  ;) ,  what I mean is a hierarchical way to organize the Songs in folders and subfolders.

And just a curious note: I found Set List Maker asking ChatGPT: is there an app similar to OnSong which has a Song Catalog, music sheets attachment and also MIDI control and sequencer?  ;)


Okay, I'm glad that solves it!

1. No, Set List Maker only supports incoming control changes for CC numbers that would logically be used for a button or foot switch. It doesn't support CC numbers that are undefined, or defined for other purposes. (CC 113 is undefined.)

2. No, you cannot map different actions to different CC values.

Please start a new thread for the song folder question.


Hi Arlo!

+1 for stepping through automation events. In my usecase, I am controlling light settings via Midi events. If the band runs out of sync, I could quickly jump to the next or previous setting, bringing the automation back into timing. so in my scenario, stopping the automation when stepping through the steps manually would not be helpful.

I am envisioning a skip (>|) and previous (|<) button in the automation control panel.
Another option could be an app control event that advances / jumps back to the next / previous automation event

keep up the good work!