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Mapping Set List Maker to MFC-101 song bank

Started by 501, September 19, 2015, 07:49:59 AM

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Hey Arlo, I'm trying to use Set List Maker to organize my songs and presets in my Fractal Audio MFC-101. This is my first post, so I have to say thank you for not only creating this App, but also for your willingness to help people using it. I've learned a lot just browsing these forums, but I've run into a problem that I just can't figure out.

I'm connecting an iPod Touch 5 to my MFC using an iRig MIDI 2. I'm using he MFC-101 in song mode. I'll refer to the songs in the MFC as they are listed in the MFC. So 'S001', 'S002' etc. I'll refer to the songs in SLM as 'song 1', 'song 2' etc. My goal is to get the songs in SLM to correspond with the songs in the MFC and the presets for each song to correspond as well. I'll be using another external controller to cycle through set lists and presets in SLM. The problem I'm having is with the MSB, LSB and PC# in SLM's MIDI presets.

The way I have it set up is song 1 has 4 presets assigned to it. The PC messages for those 4 presets are (MSB)000, (LSB)---, (PC#)000, followed by 000, ---, 001, followed by 000, ---, 002 and so forth. This successfully links song 1 with S001 in performance mode as well as each of the 4 presets in song 1 with the 4 presets in S001. It works exactly like I want it to.

The problem arises when I try and achieve this set up on S002 through S032. Changing the MIDI preset program changes in SLM from MSB 000 to 001 jumps straight to S033 on the MFC and MSB 002 jumps straight to S065. Changing the LSB seems to have no effect. This sort of makes sense to me, from what little I know about bank changing, but it gives me no clues on how to access the in between songs on the MFC.

I'm not even sure if this is the right approach, I have a pretty elementary understanding of MIDI. It just seems like I'm close to figuring this out, but I've run into a wall the past couple of days. Anybody have any ideas?



Problem solved. I was confused with the whole concept of bank changing. I was trying to move up the MFC song list by messing with the MSB and LSB in the SLM presets. Turns out all I needed to do was increase the PC#. So for example; I have the maximum presets per song set to 4 in the MFC, PC#s 0-4 correspond with MFC presets 1-4. Setting the PC# to 5 jumps straight to song 2:preset 1 on the MFC, no need to mess with the MSB value until you get to PC#127. Sometimes it's the simple solutions that elude you.  :P

Thanks to MIDI guru Joe_K for helping me out.