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Remote device linking -Confused :-)

Started by leadsinga, September 06, 2015, 09:41:43 PM

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Now I'm digging myself a hole with this program.

Little confused can you let me know correct way to do things.

I have 2 iPads, with bandhelper on both, and recordings etc on both.

What I want to do is use one iPad as my master, which I control and has my lyrics etc and when I select a song in a set it changes both to match etc.

I have worked out how to do this part ... the issue is as follows.

I want the 2nd iPad to sit in a Mackie DL806 digital desk, and when I chose a song to play on my master iPad and put play on a recording it also starts playing the recording on the 2nd iPad in the desk.

I can't seem to get this to work ... I can get the 2nd iPad at the desk end to play the songs etc to match but no audio recording play at volume.

Hope you understand what I am asking and can point me in the right direction :-)


With the app's device linking feature, there is no remote control action to start a recording. You can use the remote control action to select a song, and then on the slave device you can use a song selection action to start a recording when a song is selected. But you can't select a song as one action and then start that song's recording as a second action.

You could do this with MIDI, if you set up a MIDI network (starting with the next app version, you will be able to do this over Bluetooth, but you might need wi-fi or a cable to be more robust). Then you could create a MIDI preset on the master device that sends a MIDI message and then map that message to a remote control action on the slave device. Then you would send that MIDI preset on the master device to start the recording: (scroll down to the MIDI section)