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Web interface does not display lyrics line breaks after .plist import

Started by jowidi, September 13, 2015, 03:22:09 AM

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I just downloaded Band Helper to see how smooth the transition from Set List Maker would be. The first impression is good but I have a major headache: almost all of the line breaks of my song lyrics seem to get 'lost' in the web interface. To be more concise:

I exported one of my Set List Maker databases and imported the data file into a newly created Band Helper project. After a few minutes the songs appeared in the Band Helper app on my venerable iPad 1. They were displayed correctly, with line breaks and all, just as they had been in the Set List Maker app. When I try to display or edit these songs in the web interface though all the line breaks are gone and the lyrics are compressed into one single block of text.

The funny thing is, when I open the edit window in the web interface the lyrics are displayed correctly for the fraction of a second. After that I see the 'text block', without any line breaks.

I can do a 'fake' edit of the lyrics on my iPad, inserting a space somewhere and deleting it immediately afterwards. That obviously causes some formatting update, because after the next sync the lyrics are displayed correctly in the web interface as well. This works only in one direction, because when I do such a fake edit on the lyrics 'text block' in the web interface, the next sync destroys the formatting in the app.

Somehow the iOS App 'gets' the correct formatting from the exported data file and the web interface does not (tested on latest version of IE, chrome and Firefox on Windows 7). I could work around that by 'fake editing' 150+ songs but that somehow defies the target of making my life easier by switching to Band Helper ;-) Shouldn't that happen automatically on import? The information must be in the export file, because the correct line breaks do get forwarded to the iOS app.

Please don't tell me that this problem is confined to iPad 1 users...

Set List Maker Version: 4.1.13
Band Helper Version: 2.3.7
iOS Version: 5.1.1


What version of Set List Maker did you export from (Help > Troubleshooting > App Version)?

Can you send me your plist file to test with?


As I stated above the App version I used for exporting the file is 4.1.13. The mail with the .plist file should have reached you by now.


I just saw an option in the Band Helper troubleshooting section. It is called 'Update All Formatted Text'. I could not find an explanation what it does exactly but could that be the solution to my problem?


Okay, the apps are backwards-compatible with an older style of text storage, which is the only style your iPad 1 supports. The web interface wasn't backwards-compatible, but I just updated it so that it is. Do your lyrics now appear correctly in the web interface?


We're halfway there ;-)

Yes, the text now displays correctly in the edit window. There is another lyrics window in the web interface though, the one that pops up when you click on the text/lyrics icon in the list of songs. There the text is still garbled.

Thank you for the quick response and for still putting up with a few iOS5 users (and yes, I know that iOS5 support is coming to an end sometimes next year).


You're right ... that should be fixed now, too.

BTW this isn't strictly an iOS 5 problem; it would also affect lyrics entered into the apps before text formatting was added, which was just a few months ago for the Android app. Good to fix in any case.


Yes, text displays nicely now in all windows :-)
Great support, thx a lot.