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Sending MIDI to 1 of 2 Keyboards in Bandhelper

Started by mtunes, January 03, 2016, 03:54:38 PM

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Hi I have 2 keyboards set up as Channel 3 (Casio PX-5s) & Channel 2 (Casio WX-P1) & am using an iRigMIDI and an IPhone 6 to send midi changes to pick the tone setting for each song.

I am passing the signal to the Channel 2 keyboard through the Channel 3 keyboard.

My problem is the Channel 2 Keyboard changes with signals intended only for the Channel 3 keyboard. When I send MIDI to just Channel 2, everything is fine.

Perhaps I need different hardware to connect the MIDI to 2 keyboards?



What MIDI messages are you sending? If you are sending program changes, those are channel-specific and you should be able to configure your keyboards to only respond to the desired channel. Your keyboard might have a setting you need to change for that to happen.


Hi Arlo

Here is an example of the Program Changes
Bank MSB, Bank LSB, Program
PX5S (iRig MIDI, Ch. 4) 112 0 22

There is only 3 settings for MIDI out on keyboard 1 USB Key or MIDI only with MIDI will it send to keyboard 2.

There are only 2 settings for MIDI in On or Off on keyboard 2


FYI, in your original post, you said your PX-5s was on channel 3 and in your latest post you said channel 4.

Why don't you send a message from Help > Request Tech Support and state the name of a MIDI preset you are sending so I can check it.


I have been changing the channels to try to solve the problem.

Thanks I have sent the Request


You wrote in your email, "Sending midi preset 3Dog Pianet to channel 4 passes through to also change channel 5. If I send to channel 5 it works (preset Church Organ P1) as it does not change channel 4."

It sounds like the keyboard you want to use on channel 5 is actually responding to messages on all channels. You could remove the channel 4 keyboard from your setup and just send to the channel 5 keyboard to confirm that. In other words, the problem isn't that the channel 4 keyboard "passes through" the messages, the problem is that the channel 5 keyboard needs some different settings to respond only to messages on the desired channel.


Yup could be "channel 5 keyboard needs some different settings to respond only to messages on the desired channel" Deactivating the other device did not make a difference.

I also tried it with a MIDI pass thru device rather than through the other keyboard and it still accepts other channel instructions.

I have emailed the manufacturer, as there is nothing apparent to me in the setup, Midi On/Off is all I can see.