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Smart List with songs with recordings

Started by Mamalu, January 08, 2016, 09:32:13 AM

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I have recently moved form My Set List to Bandhelper and at the same time using it on a phone after always using the ipad, so I have to rethink how to use this app. I would like the option to see a list of my songs but only the ones that have a track attached to them. Using a SMART LIST seems to be the perfect solution but cannot get this to work. I am selecting FILTER - number of recordings- with every possible operator that i can think of (not contain 0, more than 0, more than 1 less than 2,etc) with always the same results. It just gives me a list with all my songs. When I play around with other filter it seems to be fine, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong
thank you for any help


Please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support in the app so I can see your account settings.


There seems to be a general problem with this function. I just created a smart filter 'Songs by number of recordings' via the web interface, set the filter to 'Active equals 1' and the sort to "Sort by 'Number of Recordings', Descending.
As soon as I try to view the results of this filter the web interface crashes with the following SQL Error:

Unknown column 'recordings_count' in 'order clause'

When I build a similiar smart list for 'Songs by number of documents' I get the error:

Unknown column 'documents_count' in 'order clause'


I just fixed the problem with filtering or sorting by the number of attachments in the web interface.

That sounds like a different problem from the original post; I haven't received the requested info about that yet.


Thank you for fixing this.

I stumbled across this when I tried to reproduce the problem mentioned in the original post. Both smart lists work now as expected when I use the web interface. They still do not work on my android device - I just sent you a corresponding tech request.

The 'Songs by number of documents' smart list just gives me an alphabetically grouped list of ALL my songs, just like Mamalu wrote.


Okay, I see that sorting by the number of documents, recordings or MIDI presets has no effect in either the iOS or Android apps. That will be fixed in the next version of each app.

To clarify, the original post was about filtering rather than sorting, and I don't see a problem with that.