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Device Linking Remote Control from master iPad to iPhone

Started by Klark, September 11, 2015, 11:58:16 AM

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I've got all of our iPads linked up and sharing remote control from our lead vocalists iPad.  My dilemma is our bass player only has an iPhone, so he cannot tell which song we are on, or which song is next.

Is there a way to allow the iPhone to show the blue high-lighted/currently selected song?


Yes, the iPhone has all the same layout options as the iPad, except it can't show a split view (except the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode can).


Yes, I'm noticing that.  It wouldn't work at first because I forgot that you have to go into Settings > Remote Control and then enable the behavior you're looking for.  And actually, I had to enable only Song Selection, and then edit my List Only layout to keep it from automatically loading our lyrics.