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Batch update for MIDI presets

Started by Mark, January 22, 2017, 06:30:39 AM

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I'm a new BandHelper user and am already loving the program.  Thanks, Arlo!  Can hardly wait for our band to use it for the first time in a performance once we get it all set up.

I have a question about the best way to add the same MIDI preset to multiple songs.  I am using a Yamaha DTX-Multi12 for adding various percussion and electronic sounds to my acoustic drums.  Many songs will have individual MIDI presets to activate a customized "kit" for each song, but the majority will need to return to a "default" kit with standard percussion sounds.  When I advance from a song with a customized kit, I'd like to send a program change to return to the default kit.  We have over 100 songs, and the majority of them will be the "default" kit at this point, so it's tedious to add the "default" preset individually for each song.

Is there a way to "batch update" the MIDI presets for the entire song list, similar to the batch updates for song tags, colors, etc.?  If not, can anyone recommend a good workaround?

Thanks.  Mark


My to do list includes some form of setting up a "reset" preset, but until then you will just need to attach the default preset to each song. If it takes 5-10 seconds per song, that would take maybe 10 minutes for 100 songs.


Thanks for the quick reply, Arlo.  You're right that it's not a major problem to add presets manually to each song, so no worries.  Just wanted to be sure I wasn't overlooking a faster option.