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MIDI over Bluetooth LE?

Started by Christoph, April 18, 2015, 07:30:06 AM

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Hi Arlo,

Any plans to support MIDI over Bluetooth LE in future versions of BandHelper and/or Set List Maker? This is new to iOS 8 and seems to quickly become adopted by many apps and also hardware devices as an alternative to MIDI over WiFi.

More info:



I'd never heard of it before, but I can add it to my wish list.


Actually, since this is part of iOS8, this already works with Set List Maker and BandHelper on the latest iOS devices. But you still need an additional app (e.g. "Midimittr") to establish the connections. It would be great to have this in your apps because I don't want to be dependent on 3rd party background apps.

For example, if you look into GarageBand in the settings of a song you find "Bluetooth MIDI devices" that allows you to directly connect one or more devices without the need for any other app. On the market there are already several, e.g. iRig BlueBoard, the Quiccosound MI.1 (already discussed in another topic in this forum) or the new line of Bluetooth controllers by Livid Instruments.


Set List Maker 4.2, which allows you to make Bluetooth LE connections from within the app, was released today:

Additional info about the new version is here:,1051.0.html

Thanks for bringing this new iOS feature to my attention.