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add song to show problem

Started by gfhbass, September 25, 2015, 03:23:16 PM

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I am running on an iPad Air2 at iOS 9.0.1, using the latest (9/22) release of Set List Maker.  Ever since the release update, I have had problems adding songs to a show.  The add seems to go OK (I press the + icon, select a song,...), but when I leave the show (going back to the show menu) the new song disappears from the show (still exists as a song).  Perhaps I am something wrong, I am pretty sure that I am doing whatever I did before the update.  Otherwise, I really like the upgrades.  Thanks..grant


It sounds like you are using the Quick Add button, which is meant for quickly adding a single song during a performance. Additions with that button will only be saved if Settings > General Settings > Save Quick Added Songs is turned on. If you are adding songs to build a set list before a performance, you should use the Edit button, so that you can add multiple songs and rearrange the songs, and then your edits will always be saved.


Thanks, you are right.  I was using the Quick Add button...