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help with Jupiter 50?

Started by Chrisskidgel, September 24, 2015, 06:04:53 AM

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This seems like it should be simple. I would like Setlist Maker to transmit patch changes to my Jupiter 50. I have a Gr-55 that does it flawlessly. Midi #0 corresponds to the first patch, and so on. Not working on the Jupiter. Any ideas? thank you for a great product!!


I can tell you how to send some particular MIDI data if you know what data you need to send. I think you'd need the Jupiter user manual, or help from Jupiter's tech support, or other Jupiter users, to find that out.


Just simple patch changes. When I press a song, it changes the patch on the keyboard to match the song. Any help would be invaluable! Thank you


It's hard to help without more details about what you are doing. What exact messages are you sending to the Jupiter, and how do you know those are the correct message to send?


That's the info I am struggling to find. If I put in a "0" for a midi preset and assign it to a song it won't Change anything in the keyboard. Sorry if I am naive. On my Roland guitar synth, "0" is the first patch in my user patches.


Things to check:
1) Is the Jupiter connected correctly to the iPad MIDI interface?
2) Is the Jupiter receiving data on the same MIDI channel that SLM is sending on?
3) Is the Jupiters global "Receive Program Change" parameter (System Setup -> MIDI) switched on?

Good luck!