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Importing lyrics as lyrics, not documents

Started by slashbracket, October 21, 2013, 11:57:08 PM

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Thanks for the app. It is well thought out and very useful for controlling my gr-55 from the ipad.

I have a hundred or so lyrics in a word document and will be converting them into individual PDF files and importing them into setlist maker. I have tried a dummy run which was fine but the lyrics will appear in the documents section. I want it to appear in the lyrics section because it seems that it's only the lyrics section that you can scroll down and still leave the chords at the top of the window. I know I can copy and paste from document window to lyric window but doing this for a hundred songs is not efficient.  The other way would be to edit the word document so the chords are already in the file and then I could leave the files as documents but this would stop me from using the # and b buttons to change key which is very useful

Hope you can understand what I mean.


If you want to populate the built-in Lyrics field, don't bother creating PDFs from your Word file. You'll need to get the text out of the Word file and into the Lyrics field and a PDF won't help with that.

Have you already created the songs for these 100 lyrics in Set List Maker? If not, you can set up song data and add the lyrics text and import them all at once:

If the songs are already created, then you'll have to copy and paste the lyrics into each song one at a time. It would still probably be faster just to open your Word file on the iPad (e.g., email it to yourself and open it from the email message) and copy from there rather than to split it into 100 separate files first.