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IO Dock 2 Video Send

Started by Krystofur, October 02, 2015, 04:16:08 PM

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Want to try taking advantage of the new video capabilities in a live performance setting. I have the videos attached to the songs properly. My problem is trying to get the videos to play to/through a projector from an Alesis IO Dock 2. I know there's an AirPlay option built into SLM itself, but is there anyway to assign the output to the USB midi in/out to then go USB to HDMI?

ARLO.....HELP! (please?)



It looks like the iO Dock 2 doesn't have a video output port, is that right? In that case, I think you'd have to send the video signal wirelessly to an Apple TV. I'm pretty sure the video signal would not be coming out of the USB port.


Correct. There is no video out on the 2. Version 1 had it. I cannot imagine why they removed it!

They make USB to HDMI converters. Is there any way we could push from SLM to use that post as an out for video?


I'm guessing a USB to HDMI adapter uses a driver on the host device to intercept the video signal, convert it to a proprietary format and send it out the USB port where the adapter converts it back to a video signal. In that case, my app would need an SDK from the adapter manufacturer to the convert the data, but even then I don't think iOS apps can send arbitrary data to the USB port.

You could ask Alesis if their dock can play this role of capturing video from the dock connector and routing it to the USB jack. But if they wanted to do that, I think they would have just included a video port.

Bottom line, I would be very surprised if this approach would work.