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Author Topic: SLM / IRIG Midi / ZOOM 323  (Read 2126 times)


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SLM / IRIG Midi / ZOOM 323
« on: October 09, 2015, 11:33:26 PM »
Good day dear members
My name is Serge, drummer from Luxembourg/Europe and I am now a member of this fine forum.
Please allow me to describe you my setup and my issues as follows:

I use SLM via IPAD for my songs, each song has its TEMPO stored in SLM
Via IRIG Midi I sent the tempo from SLM to ZOOM 323 (drum machine) - so far all works fine and tempo get changes from song to song.

now my 2 issues:
on the ZOOM 323 the tempo changes BUT the BPM are not shown correctly on the 323 - actually it remains to 120 - the setting on its startup.
How can I have the correct BPM shown as well upon song change in the 323

I have a BOSS foot switch attached to the ZOOM for start-stop of the click - although start is done at the beginning of each song by SLM-
I am switching off the click after a couple of bars (depends of the song) via the foot switch and this works fine
B U T - if now during the song I like to switch on again my click via the foot switch - this is NOT working
I can only switch off - not switch on again?

Could anyone of you experts give me a hint how to solve the above?
Many thanks


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Re: SLM / IRIG Midi / ZOOM 323
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2015, 08:25:55 AM »
MIDI beat clock works by sending a MIDI start message (FA), then a series of clock messages (F8), 24 times per beat, then a stop message (FC). There is no message telling the receiver what the tempo is; the receiver has to calculate that from the timestamps on the beat messages.

For the first issue, it sounds like the Zoom isn't updating its display after it makes the tempo calculation. Maybe there is a setting you can adjust on the Zoom to make it do that?

For the second issue, I'm guessing you are sending a start message to the zoom with your pedal, but then nothing is sending the beat messages, so it doesn't do anything. Instead of using a foot switch to toggle the Zoom, you could use the foot switch to toggle Set List Maker, and then Set List Maker will resume sending beat messages when you restart the tempo.


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Re: SLM / IRIG Midi / ZOOM 323
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2015, 02:28:33 PM »
You should check the MIDI sync settings in your RT323: SYNC has to be set to "MIDI" to enable the device to recognize external clock and start/stop messages. For reference see page 87 in the English manual.