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Author Topic: Sharing documents with AirDrop  (Read 8453 times)


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Sharing documents with AirDrop
« on: October 15, 2015, 03:46:07 PM »
Set List Maker's database sync feature can't sync documents, but you can easily copy documents between devices wirelessly using AirDrop on iOS 7 and later.

Navigate to the Documents list, tap a document icon, then tap the Open In button in the lower-right corner. The top row of the destination options shows AirDrop options, and you should see a list of nearby AirDrop-compatible devices. If you select another device, that device will show a prompt to select which app to copy the document into. You can select Set List Maker on that device, and the document will be copied into Set List Maker on that device.

AirDrop only works with nearby devices and only works with one document at a time. If you want all your documents to sync between devices automatically, even when they are not near each other, check out BandHelper.