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BeatBuddy MIDI integration

Started by arlo, November 03, 2017, 12:30:14 AM

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Please submit a help ticket so I can see your setup.


Quote from: kenardo on March 11, 2019, 09:54:14 AM
It would read the first options in the list... and set BBud.
Now it seems  that BBud reads all presets and sets to the last drum style & tempo in the options list...

You have Settings > Audio & MIDI > Send MIDI Presets Together turned on. This means all the presets attached to a song will be sent when you select a song, leaving the BeatBuddy set to the last program change in the list. You would need to turn that off to send only the first MIDI preset in the list.


Yesterday's big release adds an "...on Song Selection" option after Settings > Tempo & Pitch > Send Tempo to BeatBuddy. With both of these options turned on, BandHelper will set the tempo on a connected BeatBuddy when you select a song, without starting the BeatBuddy playback. With this new setting turned off, BandHelper sets the BeatBuddy tempo and starts playback when you start the tempo function, as before.



Is there a way to change the tempo on the BeatBuddy during a song? For example, like Freebird speeding up at the end. Also, to slow the beat to a stop at the end of a song.

I have been researching the BB forum but can't find a solution. Just wondering if anyone here has any ideas.

Thanks in advance,



Thanks Arlo.

That is interesting. Is there a way to send the CC-117 code from the app while the song is playing on the BB? I have my BB foot switch set to pause and outro. I'm wondering if I would have to reconfigure those for this to work.



Yes, you could trigger the sending of MIDI from BandHelper using a separate foot switch:

If you wanted the tempo adjust functions available during any song, you could create MIDI presets for those messages, and attach them to your layout. Then you could send them using the "Send Layout MIDI 1-10" remote control actions, which can be mapped to individual foot switch buttons.


Hey Set List Maker enthusiasts.

I have used SLM and BeatBuddy (without MIDI-connection) several times during performances and I am very satisfied with them both.
Now I would like to control the BeatBuddy via MIDI through Set List Maker.

In the BeatBuddy I have saved each song with the corresponding desired tempo etc. So this does not have to be controlled via MIDI by SLM. All I want is that when you pull up the chord chart to a song on SLM, it will change to the corresponding BeatBuddy song
which matches it.

I am using the BeatBuddy version
For the wireless MIDI-connection I use the Yamaha MD-BT01. The in and out cables are connected correctly, the lamp on the MD-BT01 lights continuously).
I have set up both SLM and the BeatBuddy according to the Arlo manual (BeatBuddy MIDI integration of November 03, 2017). After several attempts to control my BeatBuddy via MIDI via SLM, I still haven't succeeded. I hope you want and can help me.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Arlo, I have a BeatBuddy and the additions to support it are fantastic.
One trick I noticed is that if you switch from Song A to Song B, and both Songs use the same drum pattern, you will notice that the Beat Buddy isn't in "start mode" its in paused mode (if you don't use the Outro). So playing live, what happens when you press the main pedal differs if the prior song was the same drum pattern or not.

So what I did, was in each of my Midi presets, where you set Folder MSB, Folder LSB and song#, I also added MIDI Raw FC so that it always sends a STOP when I select a new song.

Hope others find this helpful.


Thanks for the tip. Did you also change Settings > Audio & MIDI > MIDI Options > MIDI Preset Order so Raw MIDI is sent first?