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Areas for Improvement

Started by arlo, October 22, 2015, 09:29:29 AM

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If you could improve BandHelper in one way, what would it be?

Easier to set up and learn
12 (11.3%)
Additional features and options
45 (42.5%)
Faster page loads
25 (23.6%)
Fewer bugs
21 (19.8%)
Different price structure
3 (2.8%)

Total Members Voted: 106


When adding a new song to a setlist, the new song, by default is placed at the end of the setlist. To get that song into alphabetical order, there seems to be no way to move the song to its correct position...

If you want an alphabetized song list, check out the Smart Lists ... you can filter based on a tag or a field and it will sort automatically.

Moon Dog

I plan to use multiple accounts for multiple reasons. Lots of extra subscription money for Arlo$$$

I need to be able to share songs to other accounts and their projects as I can share them to the projects in my current account.

To me that would be the most valuable new option I could think of.

Page loading is fine on my end.