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Viewer Help - Landscape mode (with VGA connection to larger screen)

Started by robbhorton, October 28, 2015, 04:32:03 PM

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I am trying to create view for one of my band members who has some limited fine motor skills due to a stroke.  He still plays the trombone and sings, but accurately tapping around on an iPad is challenging.  He is able to handle a foot pedal for page turns, but the fewer turns the better.

I have recreated some of the multi-page songs as a two-up type of output (see One Particular Harbor attachment).  This looks great, but when a song comes up that is a standard single page format, it shows a very large half page view.  Double-tap will take it back to the view, but I would really like to find a view option that would not require any intervention to give the correct zoom for the normal and 2-up pages.


Thanks for posting an example. Currently if you display a portrait document full-screen on a landscape device, the document expands to the width of the device and you need to scroll to see the bottom half of the document. This is what most people want because if they wanted to see the whole document, they would be using portrait orientation.

I could add a new behavior to keep the entire page visible, but I'd need to add a global setting for that to retain the current behavior as the default. (In that case, the same idea would apply to landscape documents displayed on a portrait device.) My development goals are already set for the rest of the year, but I might be able to fit that into one of the next few updates.

If you need an immediate solution, you could rework your one-page documents to fit onto a landscape page (imagine just one column of the example you attached here) and that would give the desired result.


I just submitted a new BandHelper update that adds support for a fit-to-height mode for documents. This allows you to view an entire page of a portrait document on a landscape device. To activate it, you can select Toggle Fit To Height from the document tools menu, or pinch a document smaller until it snaps to the smaller size. This mode will then remain active for all documents until you toggle it again or pinch a document larger. More info here: