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adjusting backing track individual volumes

Started by dvminton, November 13, 2015, 09:29:18 PM

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Hi, I love the set list maker app. I have used it on well over 100 live shows. I have performance show lists with lyrics and backing tracks attached. The only problem I have is that the backing tracks can be radically different in volume. So far I have used a volume pedal to solve this, but it is clumsy  during a performance. I found the volume adjust by going to settings-recording and tapping a song. The value percent changes but has no effect on the actual volume. How do I make this work and can I set the volumes and save them so I can do away with the volume pedal? I am using an ipad with 9.1.  Thanks for any help


I'm not aware of any problems with the volume adjustment functionality. Please tap Help > Request Tech Support in the app and answer the questions there, using specific names from your database to provide an example.


I believe that you must navigate back after you've made the volume change to the recording. Once you select the recording a second time, you will hear the change.

I also seem to recall that you can't even hear the change in volume while you're making the adjustment, which makes it hard to `guess' where the volume really should be.

Maybe Arlo could add a leveler (somehow) to the app to provide consistency, within reason, for recordings that are `all over the place', in terms of level.

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Maybe Arlo could add a leveler (somehow) to the app to provide consistency, within reason, for recordings that are `all over the place', in terms of level.

That feature is built in to iTunes ... it's called Sound Check and you can enable it on the Playback tab of the preferences window on your computer, then sync your device with your computer to use that setting on your device.


Or...just make sure that the levels are consistent at the source file level to begin with.

This is an adherent problem if you're obtaining backing tracks from various sources...which is why I enjoy making my own. :)


Thanks for your help people. Reply #2 helped me. It is working I just couldn't hear the level difference until I backed out and opened that song again. Only 69 more songs to go. Thanks again. Mission accomplished

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I think this does bring up a good point....I was in adjusting a song today that was too loud. In the recordings section you have given us the option to play the would conclude that as you increase or decrease the volume that you would hear a difference, but unfortunately you do not.
That would be a real nice feature in the future...I know I need to tell me.

One other strange anomaly has occurred within my beloved SLM, I have had to check some recordings lately that suddenly sounded WAY TOO LOUD. The volume settings strangely changed to numbers that were not increments of my 40 become 39.....55 became 54 this is on a few songs. When I increment or decrement it goes by 5 but is off from the rest...39 goes to 44 etc...

If I remove the recording from the song, readd it the volume numbers go back to divisible by 5.....weird.

Thanks for all you do doubt you are brilliant.

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I'm not sure what to do about the need to save a recording before listening to its new volume setting, but I'll put that on my wish list.

To troubleshoot the problem with the saved volume settings changing, please submit a help ticket here:


Since the updates last June added a manual Save button, this is a little more intuitive. You can change the volume on the recording edit page, then click the Save button in the bottom toolbar, then (after waiting if needed for the list to reload) play the recording again from the list.

Saving is still necessary because the list and the edit page are two different pages and one doesn't receive updates about the other until you save your changes.