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Songs from new project no longer show up on Web interface

Started by MoSynth, November 27, 2015, 09:01:47 AM

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I started a second project in my account, and added 42 songs. Then I added 42 recordings via the web interface. I can see all pertinent information on my iPad, iPod, and Android phone, but I cannot see neither songs nor recordings via the web interface. I know I could at one point, because that's how I assigned all new songs to the second project. Am I missing something here? Thank you for your help.


PROBLEM SOLVED! I am using a Surface Pro 3 and Edge browser, which won't show you the projects when you touch-click on Your Account. I didn't realize that's what I was missing, since on the app you call them "Projects," not accounts. May I suggest changing the web interface to say Projects as well? That would've definitely helped me in finding a solution. :)


Your Account is a button that has two purposes: if you only have one project, then clicking it takes you from the public area of the website into your account area. If you have multiple projects, then it also shows a submenu of the projects in your account so you can switch between projects. Since your projects are contained in your account, I think Your Account is still a logical name for both functions.