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Copying songs,including automation, to other databases

Started by SLM-user, December 10, 2015, 02:36:01 AM

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Is this possible?
Now that I have spent some time building my song wit automation, is there a way to store it and use it on another database's set?


Yes, you can edit the song, then tap the Copy button, then select the Copy To Another Database option.

My standard warning is that if you find yourself copying a significant portion of your songs to another database, that might be a sign that you shouldn't have separate databases and should instead find a way to organize your songs within a single database.


Hi Arlo, sorry for the delay in replaying, I did not have any notification of your reply... I think I have now set this ready to be notified.

I have tried copying a song to another database but it did not include any automation, or midi with it.

So, it's not possible then.


MIDI presets are not copied, because those are separate items that you link to a song. If you want to copy MIDI presets to another database, you can do that from the MIDI preset edit pages and then relink the presets to the songs in the new database.

Automation is copied, because that is part of a song's own data. If you think it's not getting copied, please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support from the two databases and specify the name of the song you copied.


I got your message, and you're right, the automation was not copied as it should have been. This will be fixed in the next app version, set for release on January 1 or whenever Apple approves it:

Text sizes (lyrics, chords and notes) set for a song were also not getting copied, and that will also be fixed.