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Email setlist to default users help

Started by viger, February 17, 2017, 06:08:03 PM

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Hi,  I finally was able to get my browser to use my gmail account as a default handler when I click on the email button when sharing setlists.  What doesn't work is that it doesn't seem to pass any email addresses to the handler.  I have an event set up and have selected all of the users for the event.  Those all have email addresses entered.  I also add a few contacts, also with email addresses.  I add a setlist to the event, go to the setlist, click the share button, then the email button.  I then get another browser window open up with the subject and link in a gmail message.  The To; field is blank.  Any way around this?



It's actually not supposed to pre-fill any TO address. The expectation is that you won't be emailing set lists to  people in your account because they can just view the set list from within their account (you can send email notifications to let people know that a set list has been changed or added). This function is more for a one-off situation like you have a substitute player who's not in your account and in that case you would have to enter the email address to send to.