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Song storage location

Started by SLM-user, December 21, 2015, 03:54:01 PM

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Where are the songs I downloaded in SLM, From Onedrive, stored in?  On the recordings section of the relevant database in SLM?

I assumed that they would be in the Music app, but they are not.
I use an iPad. 


I don't understand the question. When you say "songs" do you mean "recordings"? What specific actions did you take to "download" them?


Yes, the recordings.

I added (downloaded) the recordings (one at a time), from Microsoft's "Onedrive" into SLM.

Will the recordings stay in a folder in the SLM?  If yes, can the recordings be sent to the Apple "Musiic" App (the one that comes with the OS, from my iPad)?  That way I can use the recordings to create other playlist to be used outside SLM.


Okay, it sounds like you used the Import button at the top of the Recordings list to import recordings from your OneDrive account.

In that case, the recordings are stored within the app's internal document folder, and can only be accessed by this app.

You cannot add the recordings to the iTunes music library from there. The only ways to add recordings to the iTunes library are to buy them from the iTunes Store, or copy them into iTunes on your computer and then sync your device with your computer.


Thanks for clearing that up for me, Arlo.

Another thing... When importing songs from iTunes to SLM, are these duplicated or does SLM use just a link to iTunes?

Many thanks,


When using recordings in iTunes, Set List Maker just links to them.

Basically Set List Maker (or other apps) can't add recordings to iTunes or copy recordings from it.