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Question re personal automation sync

Started by cpwaites, June 20, 2017, 05:15:38 AM

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I am running the BandHelper setup for both myself and our singer.  Although he rarely needs it, I created an automation to scroll the lyrics for him.  I did that in what I consider my "master" BandHelper user name ("cpwaites").  I now would like to create separate automations to use for my own purposes.  I know this is achievable by setting the automation sync to personal.  What I thought would happen is that when I did on the singer's account it would preserve the existing automations for the singer and just not overwrite those with the new ones that I did.  Instead setting his automation sync to personal removed the automations from his account. Lesson learned.  My question is whether there is a way to transfer the existing automations over to another user, specifically the "LyricDisplay" user on my account, so that I can then set them personal sync on that account.  Appreciate any help.


To clarify, turning on personal syncing for your singer didn't delete anything, it just switched him from viewing the shared automation tracks to a new (so far empty) set of personal automation tracks. If he turns off personal syncing, he will see the shared automation tracks again.

Are you logging in yourself as cpwaites, or a different username?


I understand that nothing was deleted.  I want to create new, different automation tracks for the cpwaites user but allow the LyricDisplay user to retain the automations created under the cpwaites user.

There are two ways personal sync could work.  One (#1) is that once you engage personal sync, the device will retain whatever attributes it currently has but not sync them with other users.  So that could include an automation created by another user.  The other (#2) is that once you engage personal sync, the app retains only whatever settings were made on that account and disregards all other settings (for those things for which personal sync is selected).  I thought the #1 approach was used, but when I selected personal sync for automations on the LyricDisplay account, it appears to have disregarded existing automations created under the cpwaites account, which would be the #2 approach.  If I have that wrong, please correct me.  If not, then the question is whether there is a way you can help me by porting the automations from the cpwaites account to the LyricDisplay account.  Appreciate whatever help you can provide.


The easiest way to think about it is as two sets of automation tracks: the shared set and the personal set. With personal syncing off, the app loads the shared set and any additions go into the shared set. With personal syncing on, the app loads the personal set and any additions go into the personal set.

Between the set of automation tracks you already made for your singer, and the new set you want to make for yourself, could either be considered a "default" or shared set? Or would you consider them both personal sets that nobody but you two would ever use?

If you can consider the existing set as the shared set, then you just need to turn off personal syncing for your singer so he sees them, and turn on personal syncing for yourself so you can start creating your own personal set.

If you want the existing set to be a personal set for the singer, that will require some intervention from me. Please submit a help ticket to proceed with that:

Note that with the first approach, anyone could edit the shared set of automation tracks in the future, but in the second approach, only your singer could.


Thank you.  Just to be clear...if I create an automation while personal sync is off, that is a default automation that everyone can see.  If I then turn on personal sync on the same device, two things are true: (1) other users can still see the existing automation, and (2) any new automation I create on the same device will not overwrite the prior "default" automation because I have personal sync turned on.  Correct?