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AirTurn PED

Started by arlo, May 15, 2015, 09:29:13 AM

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A few people have asked about the new AirTurn "PED" foot switch...

...which can be paired either as a Bluetooth Low Energy device or a standard Bluetooth device. This unit should work with my apps in modes 2, 3 or 5. I have not yet added functionality to my apps to pair with the unit in Low Energy mode, so you will have to pair it the traditional way, in the Settings app.

I don't have one myself, so if anyone else can confirm first-hand that it works, please post here.


I just synced the Airturn PED to my Ipad air2 and Setlistmaker. I had to install Airturn app, update the PED firmware, and switch to Mode 2 (Up/Down Arrow) before it would function.  Once I got everything set it functions great.
One question, Is there a way to adjust the scroll speed?  The way I was able to set it up, Pedal 1 scrolls lyrics down only one line for each time I press it.


I don't think the PED has a repeat capability when used in mode 2. It does in the new "PED app direct" (Bluetooth Low Energy) mode, and the repeat speed is adjustable in that mode. The upcoming BandHelper version 2.4 will support this new mode.


Just got an Airturn PED from Santa.  I was frustrated with it until I read this post.

I can confirm that it does work in Mode 2.

Just to add to WildBilly's steps, After I installed the Airturn app, updated the firmware on the PED and bound to the iPad, I had to hit the 'Set Up AirTurn PED' before I got any response in Set List Maker.


Since BandHelper 2.4 was released in September, you can also use the PED in "app direct" mode, which doesn't require pairing in the Settings app. Instructions for both setups are on this page:


I'm using the PED and tested it with 5 Android devices (OS v. 4.4 and 5.0) and can confirm it works in Mode 2. Reset the PED, pair to the Phone/Tablet, then setup the Bluetooth/Keyboard Messages in Settings--> Remote Control. Works great!