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App Shortcuts

Started by arlo, February 03, 2016, 09:40:01 AM

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Since last September, BandHelper and Set List Maker have supported app shortcuts, to quickly jump from the set list view to another app. You can use this feature to jump to a mixer or effects app or anything else you want to use along with BandHelper or Set List Maker on stage.

To use app shortcuts, you need to enter the desired apps in Settings > Apps. On iOS, you will need to enter the app's name and URL scheme, which you can get by asking that app's developer (not all apps have URL schemes, but the app developer might add it if requested). You can also try searching to see if the scheme is already listed there. On Android, you need to enter the app's package name, which you can get by installing the Package Name Viewer app or looking up the desired app in the Google Play Store and looking at the id at the end of the URL.

Then you can add App Button or Multiple App Buttons to your song layouts to display a button that opens that app. You can also open defined apps by mapping a remote control action to the app number, or by recording a button press as part of an automation track.

UPDATE summer 2019: The has been shut down. I'm not aware of another online directory of URL schemes, so you will have to use trial and error, or contact the other app's developer to get the URL scheme.


when launching I get an error message:


You don't have permission to access / on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I really like to try the App function in Bandhelper, but it's really a problem to get the scheme for an app. E.g. X-AIR, which controls a Behringer XR18 Digital mixer. Music group who is the developer of the X-Air app does not reply to questions regarding the Scheme for their app.
Maybe anyone else already added the X-Air App and can help out with the Scheme, or could we start a topic with gathering Schemes for Apps?

EDIT: Got it! x-air://  works properly


Looking for some 'app' help.  I have a Behringer X32-rack, and my band mates use the X32-Q app to run their IEM's.  I use X32-Mix because I also mix FOH from time to time.

I got X32-Mix to work in Bandhelper app using "X32-mix://".  However, "X32-Q://" does not work for the X32-Q program.  Anybody get that one working? 


For now, there is just a generic app button in BH.
Is there (or will there) be a way to use different app symbols?
Perhaps the original app symbol (I'd like that one)?

As there is no way (that I found) to have a descriptive text with the generic app symbol, I have to use free text in the layout for the app starter to specify what it is.

Any ideas?


You can customize the app name on the Settings > Apps > [app name] edit page (but I don't know why you'd want to enter anything other than the actual app name).

There's no way to change the app icons. One reason is that my app can't access those -- you would have to find the image file yourself and add it. Another reason is that they display pretty small in the app and might not be legible at that size.


Thanks Arlo.

I can change the app name, but the name does not appear in layouts.
You see just the generic icon. No text and there is no settings option on the icon in layout designer.


one more:
there is no way to define which app the icon in the layout should call up.
So, if I put two app icons in the layout, they both will start the app with sort no. 1 in the definition.
Imho there's no way to start the second app


To select apps other than the first one, you can either tap and hold the single App Button, then select from the popup list, or add Multiple App Buttons to your layout and then you'll see a clickable list of all the defined apps.


Thanks, Arlo.

I'd prefer multiple buttons with the option to place a name the icon.
Would be nice to use other icons though.


Then you can add Multiple App Buttons to your layout, and you should see the name of each app. If you don't see the app names, please submit a help ticket here:


Thanks for making this clearer.
Multiple apps will do the trick good enough.


Anytune can be started with anytune://


I use the Apple Notes-App with pen for quick notes in BH

The shortcut in Bandhelper is: Mobilenotes://


Is there a way to keep the metronome playing while taking a shortcut to an app(mixer)?


That should work if you turn on Settings > Audio & MIDI > Play Audio In Background.