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Duplicate Fields in Share Screen

Started by kbrowning, February 12, 2016, 07:45:54 AM

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When I produce setlists, some fields (in this case Lead Vocal) do not print next to each song in the setlist.  The data is there - you can see it when you go to Song view.  However, it doesn't display.  I also noticed the field(s) in question appear multiple times in the list of fields to display.  Perhaps this is key.  Screen Shot attached.  Any idea how to fix this?


Your account has three projects and you've added a custom field named Lead Vocal to all three projects. Then you must have populated that field for one song in one project, and for another song in another project.

If you want to have separate Lead Vocal values for each project, you can set up three fields as you've done, then enter the values for each song in each project. If you want to have the same Lead Vocal values for each project, it would be better to have one Lead Vocal field that is shared by all three projects; then you will only have to populate the values for each song in one project and the same values will display in the other projects.


Got it, thank you. 
So my error was copying songs from one project to another and changing the value in the lead vocal field?  I should have entered the song details from scratch for each project since I'm utilizing a custom field? Just trying to avoid making the mistake again in the future. 


You could use the same song in different projects, by creating one song and assigning the song to multiple projects, but use different custom fields values in each project, by creating three custom fields and assigning each to a project. It just depends on what you want to do and what data you have. Generally speaking, if you want some item to be the same in every project, you should enter it once and share it; if you want it be different in every project, you should enter it separately in each project.

For example, if you play a song in the same key and using the same lyrics in every project, you should enter it once and share it across all projects.

On the other hand, if you have a custom field for Lead Singer and you will have a different lead singer in every project, you should create a different custom field in each project and then enter a different value for that field in each project.

I don't know what you want to accomplish, so I can't say exactly what to do in your case, but hopefully this helps understand what is happening and what approach you want to take.