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Help with BandHelper and Boss Gt 10-b

Started by Todd Hamby, February 09, 2016, 02:42:39 AM

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Todd Hamby

Hey everyone. I was hoping that some might steer me in the right direction as to what components I would need to hook up bandhelper and my boss gt 10b (assigning the patches to the song list).
I currently use a kindle fire and purchased an USB OTG adapter but wasn't able to change the patches/programs with this setup. Should I get an ipad instead?
Thanks for your time and sorry for the newb question.


You would need to describe everything you have done to set up and use the MIDI functionality so we can see what is missing.

Alternatively, you can tap Help > Request Tech Support in the app and answer the questions there; the data in the message tells us the setup info, and then your answers to the questions would tell us the usage info.

Todd Hamby

thanks Arlo. When I get home this evening I'll send it right to you.