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tagging a song to be used in two databases

Started by Daddyg, February 21, 2016, 09:49:54 AM

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Long time SLM user here.  Love the app and don't know what I'd do without it.   I have a problem I can't seem to get past, even after searching the tutorials and forum, and experimenting in the app.  I'm sure it's relatively simple...but I can't seem to grok the info available.  Hoping someone can help.

I work in two projects that share quite a few songs, but also have songs specific to that particular project .   I've set up two databases, and copied many shared songs into both only because I can't seem to implement tagging a song to be available in each of them.  It's gotten increasingly difficult to move between databases during a show when I don't have a particular song in that specific databases, besides the fact I'm duplicating through copying, which takes more storage space.  I'm using an iPad..if that makes any difference.

Don't know why I'm not getting this.  I've read posts about doing this so I know it can be done.  I've read much about its use, but still have not found a step by step instruction on how to tag a song to be available in two databases.  If someone can enlighten me on how to go about doing'd be GREATLY appreciated.



There is no way to share songs across databases in Set List Maker. Copying a song isn't really an issue of storage space (songs are very small), but an issue of maintenance because you then have to update both copies. If you have a lot of songs in common between projects, it is often better to have one database and use tags or custom fields to organize them.

BandHelper has an option to create "projects" within an account, and songs can be shared across projects, so that would be another option if you want to switch to BandHelper:


Thank you, Arlo, for that explanation.  The two database situation right now is only a problem in that we'll call songs on the fly.  If I don't have it in the database that's open, I've got to back out and get into the other database.  It's a fairly quick thing to do, but does interrupt the flow between songs.

I use pdf charts for each song (documents); does that double the space used, or do they just reference the 1 document for each song?

I'm going to check out bandhelper as well.   Thanks again.


Both songs would reference the same document. The song data itself takes a negligible amount of space, typically less than 1 kb unless it includes lyrics, then maybe 3 kb.

Both apps have several options for accessing "songs on the fly" that aren't in your set list but are in your database. They don't provide options for adding songs to your database or accessing songs in other databases during a performance.