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Android Version

Started by arlo, August 01, 2014, 06:00:24 PM

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Now that the updates to iOS version 4 have slowed down, I've been able to start the long-awaited Android versions of Set List Maker and BandHelper. I have a three-month plan for an initial release at the end of September, and I'm now finished with month 1. This includes the overall app navigation, saving multiple databases, and entering songs and other data. I'm posting a couple screen shots below.

I'll update this thread at the end of month 2, if not sooner. And at some point I'll post a list of features that will and will not be included in the initial release. My intention is to eventually bring the Android versions up to the same level as the iOS versions, but I'll know more about what's possible after getting further along in the development.


Please weigh in on what Android OS versions I should support:,623.0.html


I've just finished month 2 of my 3-month project to bring Set List Maker to Android. The app now includes audio functions (recordings, tempos and starting pitches), document display and auto-scrolling, MIDI input/output and custom song layouts.

One thing the Android version will be able to do that the iOS version can't do is invert the colors in attached PDF files to match your selected color theme (light or dark). However, the Android version will only be able to display PDF documents, not other formats like the iOS version.

In September, I'll set up the database syncing, which will work between Android and iOS versions, and start beta testing.


This page now shows the features that will be included in the initial Android release:


Just throwing out props for the android version.  Thanks for building it!


For month 3, I've added the graphics (including the light and dark color themes), set up database syncing between Android and iOS devices and set up the phone version of the interface. The app is now feature-complete, which means all the functionality planned for the first release is finished. I just have to work through the list of bugs I've been keeping and do final testing before the release.

I could use a couple more beta testers for the final testing this weekend. If you can help, please send a message to setlistmaker **at**


Hi Arlo,

Do you plan to offer SLM on Amazon's Android app store in the future?

I previously owned an Android phone that had been hacked with a Cyanogen Mod and was missing the Google Play app (wasn't aware of that when buying the phone). I was later told that without that app, it was impossible to add apps to the phone. I stumbled upon the Amazon app store and managed to find everything that I was looking for.

Having previously sold music on the iTunes Store(s) as well as Amazon, I know the royalty payouts are pretty similar. Perhaps it would allow you to reach a few more Andriod users...users that may also be missing the Google Play app.


Do you plan to offer SLM on Amazon's Android app store in the future?

I haven't looked into it, but it's a possibility for the future.